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Proof Of Employment & Income

Current employment status and income amount as:

  • Copy of current payroll.
  • Proof of current electronic deposited pay.
  • Associated Notice of Assessment (NOA) & T1 General.
  • Additional income sources (if any).
  • Prior employment status (if required).
Basic Financials
  • A List of your current assets and obligations.
  • Bank account alongside transit number for payments.
  • CIBC Pre-approved Mortgage Certificate (if valid).
Down Payment Verification
  • Statement of investments from within the latest 90 days or savings.  
  • Withdrawing an amount from RRSP through Homebuyer’s Plan (if valid). 
  • Gift letter. 
  • Copy of the sale agreement of a sold current asset.  
Details of the Property
  • A copy of the real estate listing.
  • A copy of the sale agreement and accepted purchase.
  • Full address of the property (legal description and postal code).
  • Tax estimates of the property, heating costs, and condo fees (commonly, you may find these details on the real estate listing). 
  • Well and septic certificate regarding rural properties.
  • Lawyer’s full details (name – address – telephone and fax number – postal code).


Andrew was extremely helpful for us on our first home purchase. Always by the phone, constantly working in order to make the experience as smooth as possible. Would highly recommend.

Kevin Jovanov


Andrew was a great person to work with. I appreciated that the whole process unfolded in a timely manner. Andrew kept me posted of the progress and answered questions clearly and promptly.

Dieter Reda


Highly recommend Andrew, he’s extremely professional and truly looks out for your best interest. We appreciated the transparency in the process and being kept in the loop at all times.

Osmow’s Inc.


Andrew has been the most professional and helpful during the whole process. My interests were definitely protected with him. Highly recommended!



I was able to get a mortgage within a short time period. Alot of changes on the take over date were made and I was accomadated through every step of the way, and now own my first home.

Tammy Muir


Andrew helped us get our mortgage done after we had a very bad experience with someone else. He really saved us a lot of money, time and stress. He guided us towards the right direction and explained the entire process very thoroughly. I highly recommend Andrew for any mortgage needs!

Avneet S


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