Private mortgage lenders help you finance your property when regular financing options are not possible. You may be offered a short-term real estate-backed loan for purchasing or refinancing a property. In Canada, private mortgage lenders are an innovative solution for many people and companies versus traditional financing.


In need of quick financing without waiting for long approving procedures. 


Unverifiable income that obstructs getting a mortgage for your dream home.


Bad credit history: regular lenders for a mortgage repetitively reject you.


A unconventional property is turned down by a bank or a lending institution.

Considered Costs: 

Appraisal fees. 

Lender fees. 

Monthly interest payments. 

Legal fees. 

AG Mortgage Team works with the most prominent private lenders in Canada to ensure that our clients receive an ethically acquired loan that suits their exact needs. We consider everything to determine if the transaction is suitable and sustainable for you and create your personalized plan. 


  • Capacity 
  • Master Plan
  • Exit Strategy
  • Worst Situations

We understand that managing monthly payments can be burdensome, so we offer several ways for you to manage your monthly expenses. If the cash flow seems tight right now, we will recommend a hold back on all or part of the initial payment, so we avoid any risk.

Master Plan

We will study the impact of the financing plan on your total financial security. 

Exit Strategy

We create and design a fully customized plan based on your ability to pay off the private mortgage, including having an exit strategy in place when you accept a private mortgage.

Worst Situations

We handle the worst situations in your customized plan if you cannot pay off the private mortgage by the term expiration, the ability to renew the mortgage, or the cost!


Andrew was extremely helpful for us on our first home purchase. Always by the phone, constantly working in order to make the experience as smooth as possible. Would highly recommend.

Kevin Jovanov


Andrew was a great person to work with. I appreciated that the whole process unfolded in a timely manner. Andrew kept me posted of the progress and answered questions clearly and promptly.

Dieter Reda


Highly recommend Andrew, he’s extremely professional and truly looks out for your best interest. We appreciated the transparency in the process and being kept in the loop at all times.

Osmow’s Inc.


Andrew has been the most professional and helpful during the whole process. My interests were definitely protected with him. Highly recommended!



I was able to get a mortgage within a short time period. Alot of changes on the take over date were made and I was accomadated through every step of the way, and now own my first home.

Tammy Muir


Andrew helped us get our mortgage done after we had a very bad experience with someone else. He really saved us a lot of money, time and stress. He guided us towards the right direction and explained the entire process very thoroughly. I highly recommend Andrew for any mortgage needs!

Avneet S


Lending Partners

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